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Dust Fighters


Generac’s dustfighters are unique and effective. Generac Mobile’s Dust Fighter range consists many different nebulizers that offer our customers solutions based on various applications and size of the area requiring the coverage. The dust control systems are, under traditional conditions of use, suitable for various applications such as demolition, mining, odor suppression in landcapes and recycling depots, aggregate production, environmental repairs and much more.

During the period of development and expansion of the corona virus pandemic, also known as Covid-19, many of our customers used these Dustfighters to spray water and various cleaning agents remotely. (disinfect) (i.e.: chlorine dioxide, diluted 1%) to purify and disinfect various public spaces, such as: roads, walkways, office buildings, hospital entrances and emergency rooms, to name just a few. These machines are also suitable for this.

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